Raised by a Canadian farmer, by the Chicken Farmers of Canada:
This mandatory program is audited by a third party and sanctioned by law. It demonstrates farmers’ commitment in raising their poultry, which must meet the highest standards of care, quality and sustainability. With this program, farmers are made aware of the importance of integrity and they commit to preserving the health of the land and creating affordable food. The jury appreciated that the organization finances research chairs to improve the entire process: production, distribution and consumption.


Partenaire Bœuf Québec, by Société des parcs d’engraissement du Québec / Bœuf Québec:
This program involves the coordination of a production chain that attributes value to the work of Quebec farmers while meeting consumers’ demand for local, high-quality beef and their desire to purchase from farmers who are committed to sustainable production. The jury highlighted the program partners’ effort and recognized the quality of the product.


Pur éclat of maple or fruit, by Les Technologies CL Dufour inc.:
This innovative process extracts a portion of water and sugar present in the composition, thereby increasing antioxidants, phenols and minerals. The jury greatly appreciated that this technology has the capacity to improve the food supply. It not only makes it possible to replace added sugars, but it does so with a product that has a much higher nutritional value.


Improving the baking quality of grains through the use of technology, by Les Moulins de Soulanges:
Les Moulins de Soulanges has developed a range of technological ingredients that help to develop flavours and provides technical assistance in baking and pastry-making by leveraging agricultural products not normally classed for human consumption. What the jury liked about this technology is that it maximizes agricultural production without compromising on nutritional value. It also leads to a reduction in waste, which gives it an interesting sustainable development aspect.


Signé caméline camelina seeds, by Oliméga:
Camelina seeds contain 1.5 g of omega-3s, 4 g of fibre and 4 g of protein per serving. They are a local alternative to chia seeds and contain more protein, fewer carbohydrates and fewer calories. What a joy for the jury to test a Quebec product that can replace chia in its many uses! The amount of omega-3s and omega-9s they contain, as well as the amount of protein per serving, is impressive. This is a great product for both the consumer and the industry.


Broccoli Bliss Nutritional Yeast Topper, by Epicure:
Containing real broccoli florets with salty, yeasty flavours, Epicure’s technology is a combination of yeast flakes, herbs and spices. It is suitable for vegans and is a healthy and beneficial substitute for salt. The jury appreciated the nutritional value of the product and found its many uses interesting.


InFlavor, by Bonduelle :
The InFlavor process, developed by Bonduelle, makes it possible to extract some of the free water contained in vegetables before freezing to preserve their cellular structure, and, consequently, their organoleptic and nutritional qualities. The jury was enthusiastic about how this novel technology preserves the freshness and crispness of vegetables. Bonduelle answers a real need with its technology, creating a great advantage for both consumers and the industry, at a reasonable price.


northbox®, by Cascades:
This is an insulated box for home delivery of fresh or frozen products. Recyclable and made from 100% recycled cardboard, it offers an eco-responsible packaging solution without compromising on thermal performance, a first in North America. The box is a green alternative perfectly aligned with the new trend in home delivery.


Vegan Menu, by Thaï Express:
Of the eight entrées offered at Thaï Express, four are available as vegan meals. On average, each dish contains 160 g of vegetables. For the jury, the choice to offer vegan meals is linked to corporate culture and is rather avant-garde for a business like Thaï Express. Their vegan meals are a refreshing option, and they contain less salt than meat or fish dishes to boot. The jury underscored the company’s research efforts.


Frozen red pepper dessert, by Veraudace:

Frozen desserts made with organic vegetables. This dessert contains 120 calories per serving and is less sweet than average desserts. The nutrients in the vegetables are preserved to the fullest and the product doesn’t contain dyes or preservatives. The jury strongly believes in the ripple effect this product can have in its sector. It is a product that makes good use of vegetables and contributes to sustainable development. In fact, Veraudace uses fresh, organic vegetables, and, to reduce food waste, imperfect produce as much as possible. The jury also liked its biodegradable cardboard container.

“DUX has achieved an incredible feat: it has mobilized bio-food industry leaders, all sectors combined, and public health professionals in improving the food supply under a nutrition-health approach.” — Jean-Claude Dufour, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Université Laval


Madame Labriski’s cookies, by Madame Labriski Inc.:
These are vegan cookies, containing no refined sugar and no added fat. They are sweetened with date puree and are rich in fibre. With these cookies, the jury considered that Madame Labriski improved her product category by proposing a very good dessert with interesting ingredients.

Stefano Faita Sauces, by Les Aliments Faita-Forgione:
A line of eight different pasta and pizza sauces made entirely with quality, natural ingredients. The sauces also contain no added sugar or preservatives. This wonderful product has a positive impact on consumers.

A product line of roasted crickets and mealworms, by La Mexicoise Inc.:
A line of products made with Canadian crickets and whole roasted Quebec mealworms. 100% insect protein, no salt, sugar or chemicals. The products contain 20 g of protein per jar or 40 g bag. The jury believes that insects are a great source of protein. They found the texture to be good, as well as the taste.

Dja (African pesto), by Évivi (Saveurs Métisses):
A line of tomato pesto sauces traditionally called Dja. Shrimp and smoked fish season and enhance the nutritional value of these ready-to-cook sauces made with healthy, natural ingredients. Low in fat and salt, they contain no added sugar or preservatives. Inspired by African cuisine, these great new products truly do improve the food supply.


Ready-to-eat foods for people who have difficulty eating, chewing or swallowing food, by Prophagia Inc.:
A full menu of foods whose texture is adapted for people with difficulty eating, chewing and swallowing. Safe, nutritious and tasty, these ready-to-eat foods with adapted textures contain a recommended daily intake of protein between 12 to 17 g. This is a specialized product which, according to the jury, is a testament to the engagement of the company, Prophagia Inc. Though faced with great challenges, the company’s quality research and development will certainly help surmount them and improve their products.

“Food is the new religion of this era. People are asking questions. They are inquisitive about what is on their plate and are looking for answers. People want to grow old healthy, and diet plays a major role.” — Lyne Gosselin, President-Founder, Edikom and DUX


Line of Nutbrown grain-free granola, by La Fourmi Bionique:
This product line consists of slow-oven-baked mixtures of nuts and seeds that are suitable for the majority of special diets: gluten-free, paleo, kosher, vegan, or simply for a healthy and balanced diet. This product will have a nice ripple effect and tastes great!

Country Style Soup, by Groupe Commensal:
A healthy and tasty product, containing a high amount of fibre and protein for a hearty meal. Note its low sodium level compared to other soups on the market. The jury liked this addition to Commensal Group’s existing range of products and appreciated the protein intake it provides.

Deglutenized beers, by Brasseurs du Monde:
The process provides an alternative with the same taste, flavours and experience as a traditional beer, without the inconvenience gluten may cause, resulting in the first deglutenized beers brewed in Canada. The jury appreciated this product that fulfills a need without compromising on taste.

VALUE ADDED PRODUCT – LARGE BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                        

Olymel nitrite-free wieners, by Olymel L.L.P.:
Olymel uses new ingredients to eliminate nitrites in addition to other ingredients that are simple and reassuring, offering consumers a one-of-a-kind product. By choosing to remove nitrites from its hot dog sausages, Olymel is taking on a massively consumed product and causing an undeniable ripple effect. The jury pointed out this honourable effort and liked that the list of ingredients is very simple. This product will certainly meet a popular demand.


Nordic rice pudding, by Nutrinor:
Naturally gluten-free, egg-free, preservative-free and with no artificial colouring, Nordic rice pudding is a great snack and a good alternative for sweet desserts. The jury appreciated that this product contains little fat and a good amount of protein.

Karma Probiotic Wellness Water 532 ml: Strawberry Lemonade and Kiwi Melon, by A. Lassonde Inc.:
Nutrient-enriched spring water, including the patented probiotic GanedenBC30. Nutrients are contained in a press cap and are infused in the water just before consumption, ensuring stability and maximizing benefits. This way of preserving the probiotics pleased the jury, as did the product’s good taste.


Urban Picnik, by Urban Picnik:
These vegetarian take-out salads are gluten-free and contain a minimum of 15 g of protein. The line stands out for its low fat and sodium content and its vegetarian and gluten-free products. The jury loved Urban Picnik’s salads! They are fresh and tasty and come in many pleasing varieties. The jury liked their convenience and the appetizing visual appeal of the jars. Urban Picnik also has a wonderful corporate culture.


Gruau-frigo, by YUMi ORGANICS:
Yumi Organics is the first Canadian company to offer this type of product. It is organic, preservative-free and low in sugar. It is Clean Label and all the ingredients are 100% natural. The jury appreciated this delicious, healthy and fun product that can compete with major players in the industry, to boot. The fact that the product contains less sugar than other products on the market, and 8 g of protein, appealed to the jury as well.


Ready-to-eat, 100% compostable fresh fruits and vegetables, by Nature Knows:
The cleaning and sterilization process used, combined with compostable bags, keeps food fresh up to 50% longer than in plastic packaging and reduces food waste as an added bonus. The jury underscored this great initiative and the high-performance packaging.

Date purees, by Madame Labriski:
Natural, fibre-rich and vegan sweeteners without traces of nuts, peanuts, gluten or dairy products. The purees are a source of 100% healthy energy. The jury noted the interest in replacing sugar with these versatile purees.


LUDA H plant-based nutritional supplement, by LUDA Foods:
This plant-based nutritional supplement instantly dissolves in soups, purees and prepared foods for extra protein, fibre, iron and vitamin B12. The members of the jury appreciated that the supplement does not denature the product to which it is added. This natural option fulfills the needs of the targeted consumers well.


Thin-sliced organic hams, by Les Viandes du Breton:
This high-meat-protein ham (20%) is completely free of nitrites, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten, phosphate and preservatives. The jury was delighted with the texture and taste of Breton meats. The fact that they are organic was also appreciated, as was the small amount of salt contained in the portions.


Arctic Gardens riced cauliflower, by Bonduelle:
Made from pre-washed, finely chopped and frozen cauliflower, this “rice” saves time when preparing recipes. Versatile and easy to use, it helps to increase the consumption of vegetables without sacrificing creativity and flavour, which pleased our jury.


Plant-based meat, by Vegeat Foods Inc.:
Minced vegetable shapeable “meat” that retains the shape given to it. The meats are made with natural ingredients that have a high protein content (20%), and they are GMO- and allergen-free. The company faced a great challenge here and overcame it well. The jury stressed that the product has an excellent taste and a great texture. This offer is certainly out of the ordinary!


Apple pie, Sweet Spreads range, by La Transformerie:
Made with unsold apples, thereby limiting food waste, this spread contains less sugar than traditional jams. Vegan and gluten-free, it is ready to eat. This product revalues very ripe fruits and vegetables by banking on their taste, and, in doing so, is truly re-educating consumers. The jury supports the positive philosophy behind the product and appreciated that this delicious product promotes the circular economy.


Fruit and chia spreads, by Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition:
The fruit and chia spreads made by Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition, contain no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. They are made with chia seeds and provide 2 g of fibre per 15 ml serving. These very tasty spreads are a great combination of chia and fruits. The jury particularly noted the well-rounded nutritional value of this product and underlined its Clean Label, which was also very appreciated.


Coconut Milk Vegan Delight, by Maison Riviera:
A fruity, dairy-free vegetable snack comparable to traditional yogurt in terms of nutritional value and creaminess. The protein content of the product caught the jury’s attention as it was higher than other vegan products. A good alternative for people with allergies or who are lactose intolerant.

Nutritious Granola Bites, by Nutrifrance Ltd.:
Integrated into the OMAX product line, this healthy protein snack is sold in an eight-bite family size or as a two-bite individual size. Prepared in Quebec, the bites are high in fibre, iron and vitamin D. This fresh and tasty product does not contain dyes or preservatives.

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