Croquarium and its program A garden for every child:
They managed to create an educational gardening movement that shines through the school and the community. The garden becomes an incubator of entrepreneurial initiatives around food and a place of learning meaningful and stimulating for young people.


The Food Bus, by La Tablée des chefs:
Enables youth to upgrade their knowledge and generate self-sustaining revenues to fund program development in schools.

Quebec Student Sport Network VIB – Essence:
Encourages and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among young people aged 17 to 24 through physical activity workshops throughout Quebec.


Sobeys for its largest organic vegetable garden on a supermarket in Canada:
In terms of healthy multidimensional nutrition, this project also perfectly addresses aspects of sustainable health and accessibility. The customer is very close to the source of the product.


BRIDOR – Clean Label Program:
Banishment of 150 undesirable ingredients. Authentic and transparent approach.


iA Financial Group for the extension of its cafeteria:
The cafeteria serves exclusively employees of the Industrial Alliance Financial Group. The fried vegetables, if any are browned with olive oil or roasted in the oven. The salt level has drastically reduced dishes by opting for fresh herbs, for flavoring.


Events Take the field!, by Julie Aubé, nutritionist:
Events Take the field! aim to re-establish the links between consumers and those who feed them and to give meaning to the content of the plate, and this, in a context of pleasure.

Network Selection “Wellness with a healthy diet”
Promotes the benefits of healthy eating on the health of retirees and values ​​the autonomy of choice.


CHU Sainte-Justine and its Delipapilles Room Service:
This service allows meals adapted to the patient’s medical condition, which he receives at the desired time. There is also much less food waste and increased patient satisfaction. This initiative was also named jury’s favorite.


CPE L’Enfant-Do Creation of educational gardens:
Diversification and improvement of the food supply of CPEs by setting up educational gardens. Promotion of healthy eating habits

Caroline–Project – 2018