Because food is no longer just a matter of content, but also of container and repercussions – both on our health and that of the planet – it was only natural to bring together les Prix GAÏA, les Grands prix DUX and DUX+ conferences in a brand new formula: Mieux Manger (les Grands prix DUX), Mieux Vivre (les Prix GAÏA).

During two days where food will be observed from all angles, professionals from the bio-food, nutrition, sustainable development, packaging and many other sectors will be able to learn, share and celebrate the best in these complementary spheres.


Since 2013, the day formed by the DUX+ conferences and Les Grands Prix DUX / Mieux Manger gala is a must in the food sector.

During the day, the DUX+ conferences present industry professionals with a fresh look at a multitude of issues that affect their daily lives. Responsible food, innovation, improving the offer; how can we respond to these societal issues as an industry? This is the big question participants will be asking themselves at the 2021 edition.

Each year, Les Grands Prix DUX / Mieux Manger showcases the leadership of agri-food companies, NPOs, institutions and non-food commercial enterprises that have innovated to help improve the diet of the population. During the Gala, some twenty awards are presented. In other words, DUX is the first competition that aims to recognize, value and promote initiatives that inspire Canadians to eat well, live well.


Les Prix GAÏA / Mieux Vivre is Quebec’s largest bio-food packaging competition, which annually rewards excellence and creativity in the packaging value chain: packaging (primary, secondary, tertiary), handling, logistics and points of sale.

For the 8th edition of the Les Prix GAÏA / Mieux Vivre, sustainable design will be a significant factor in the evaluation of candidates.


With this beautiful merger, we are proud to announce the creation of a brand new award : DUX MIEUX MANGER, MIEUX VIVRE

This prestigious prize will be awarded to the three participants who have accumulated the most points in the total of the two competitions with our expert and consumer juries for the product or initiative they present at the event.

We invite all interested parties to submit their product and container, or their initiative and creative process to both competitions now to improve their chances of ranking among the three companies that will represent excellence in Eat Well, Live Well.

In addition to being an important recognition, this distinction will allow you to be highly visible to consumers who are always looking for the best products available.

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