5 tech-savvy ways to get moving at home

The gym is too expensive or you have trouble finding an hour to work out in your busy schedule? Running and biking aren’t your thing? Know that it’s possible to get active and see the desired results without having to leave home. Here are five ideas for adapting your physical activity to your tastes and needs and for staying in shape from the comfort of home. | By Marjolaine Jetté

The virtual gym
Don’t have the self-discipline to make it to the gym after work? Mon gym virtuel is the first Quebec webgym. Log on when you have a bit of time and choose among a wide range of online classes, including interval training, aerobics and fitness, yoga and relaxation, maternity fitness, partner exercises, Set-Minutes, the PODIUM, athletic preparation (golf, running, hiking, surfing…) and post-pregnancy workouts. You can subscribe for a fraction of the price of regular gyms and enjoy all the flexibility that this online platform offers: variety, well-known certified trainers, and tips on exercise and nutrition. Go at your own pace starting with the free three-day trial. www.mongymvirtuel.com

Find your Zen in one click!
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned yogi, My Virtual Yoga is for you. With 125 videos available and new content every week that you can browse according to the style of yoga (more than 15 styles), the teacher (yogis from all over), and the desired length and level of difficulty, there’s no excuse not to find your Zen every day! What’s new: chair yoga (for the office), fitness yoga (to challenge yourself) and Qi Gong (slower with breathing exercises). Subscribe or download all your selected videos to watch them where you want. Take advantage of their seven-day free trial offer at www.myvirtualyoga.com.

Game or exercise?
Video game consoles can help get you moving, alone or as a family. If you have a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation gathering dust, it’s time to get them out and buy yourself one of the dozens of games available on the market. Zumba, dance, yoga, boxing, baseball, golf or martial arts: you’ll spend hours moving without even noticing it! An undeniable advantage is that this workout method can be adapted to any age group. Even seniors can take part and maintain their physical abilities. A great way to burn off all those Christmas cookies after a holiday party.

Private at-home trainer
Good old workout DVDs still suit many people. Choose the style of workout that suits you or a well-known teacher and follow the videos at the suggested pace. Sold by many retailers at low prices, these DVDs give you access to a wide range of choices. Try Absolument yoga with Sylvie Tremblay or Kilo Cardio with Josée Lavigueur. You’ll also find DVDs for stretching, toning, cardio, country dancing, etc. The international market (often in English only) is also full of exercise programs of various intensities available online, like those of Jillian Michaels and other more demanding programs like the T25 workout and the P90x.

The internet, a sea of discovery!
The video section on Google and websites like YouTube are full of free videos, of varying quality, but also of varying length, which is great if you want a workout adapted to your schedule: from morning stretching to a more intense HIIT-style (high intensity interval training) workout. You’ll find what you’re looking for in a few clicks! You can also try dance or Zumba, or try videos designed to get children moving. You can also find short videos that show how to execute a variety of movements properly. Check out Tone It Up, for example, which features a free daily workout on the beach with very addictive exercises.

These five ways of exercising are perfect for moms on maternity leave, busy businesswomen and new retirees. You can move with the kids or do exercises as a couple. You might have to buy some workout equipment, but often you can get by with a chair and some cans or plastic milk jugs filled with water.

This summer, you can put your stationary bike away and start having fun!

Caroline5 tech-savvy ways to get moving at home

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