THE FOOD REVOLUTION: building the future

An inspiring day initiated by Fondation Montréal inc. and DUX, presented by BMO

We are in the midst of an important food revolution, fueled by information technologies and, at the same time, by our sometimes contradictory attitudes. Guided by customers, along with industry leaders, visionary chefs, producers, entrepreneurs, and researchers, this movement of ideas is conducive to the development of healthy, sustainable and high quality food experiences.

The overabundance of data and mobile connectivity has triggered a global conversation about our needs, values and aspirations. Consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it was produced and how it affects their health.

They show their willingness and eagerness to rethink their diet.

As a result, companies need to adopt new approaches to transparency, an essential element that accelerates change itself.

Here is a day that should feed these reflections!


January 24th, 2018
At Marché Bonsecours

10h to 10h40 am

Dealing with Disruption DEALING WITH DISRUPTION
By Joel Gregoire, Mintel

Companies have always had to deal with disruption. The difference now is the pace of change has sped up exponentially. The world we live in now is not the one we grew up in, and undoubtedly won’t be the one we grow old in. In Mintel’s presentation Dealing with Disruption, we’ll address two questions: where is Canada’s growth coming from, which addresses the impact of immigration on Canadians’ eating habits, and more broadly, what impact will technology have on how we eat and shop? In looking to answer these questions we’ll use a combination of consumer feedback, examples of product launches and other observations of on-trend innovations that may reflect what’s to come. This discussion will help identify broad areas of opportunity that can help companies plan for the present and prepare for the future.

10h50 to 11h30 AM

By Alexandre Coutant, UQAM

Alexandre Coutant is a professor in the Department of Social and Public Communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Director of the Center for Communication and Health Research (ComSanté). He develops, from a socio-technical perspective, an expertise aimed at understanding and restoring the more or less important role that digital takes, both in communicators’ jobs and in our daily activities. He shows that its deployment in all spheres of our activities is a co-construction between social dynamics and opportunities offered by this technology. He also evaluates the impact on our mode of consumption in food.

11h40 am to 12h15 pm


Young ambitious companies with full of ideas, are betting on shaking up the established order and consumption habits. Six start-ups that reinvent product distribution or offer a leading product in their category will have to briefly present their offer, the market potential they represent, and why they believe in the success of their business. Will their project resonate with consumers? The bets are open ! Participants will be asked to vote for the projects that seem the most promising for the future in food. Which one will have the greatest impact on our consumption patterns? The winner will get a report in the magazine L’actualité ALIMENTAIRE.

12h25 to 1h25 pm

Participants are invited to discuss topics they have previously selected. Exchanges of points of view and references will fuel conversations that can continue beyond this inspiring day.

1h35 to 2h05 pm

By Edelman

A portrait of the trends of different big cities of the world (London, …). Evaluate the evolution of health products and its impact.

2h05 a 2h35 pm


Not long ago, we doubted these new ways of doing things – Today they are part of a trend that is becoming more and more entrenched. This panel of NON-FOOD companies will explore the challenges they faced, from the moment the idea sprouted to the success of its implementation. Listening to their environment, they were able to turn threats into opportunities and develop a strategy that positioned them advantageously over the competition.

2h35 to 3h05 pm


Panel of agri-food industry professionals who will share innovations in their business to maintain market leadership

3h25 to 4h25 pm

By Justin Kingsley


justin kingsley

Conference: Change Management

Justin is a best-selling author recognized by The New York Times, and is a storyteller, strategist, creative director, and photographer. One of the most creative people in Canada according to Marketing Magazine, Justin has, among other things, adapted Star Wars and Indiana Jones into international museum exhibitions, developed the strategic vision of communications of UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, and created slogans for both the Olympic Games and for the FIFA World Cup. He has just published his third book on “giving”. In parallel, he is scripting 24CH, a weekly documentary about the Montreal Canadiens, for which he redeveloped the brand as creative director.

Marie-claude lortie

Conferences guide

A journalist at La Presse for almost 30 years, now a restaurant critic and columnist for the business book, Marie-Claude Lortie is as interested in gastronomy as in marketing, sustainable agriculture and artificial intelligence. She has published a dozen books including Kilos Zen, with nutritionist Guylaine Guevremont, who just won a gold medal at the Taste Canada Awards.

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